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I trained at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in the 1990s and went on to perform on stage and screen. After an unfortunate accident I was unable to work in this medium and sought out an alternative path.

My passion for 'all things voice' led me back to university, where I very proudly trained for 4 years as a Speech & Language Therapist (BSc Hons). Whilst I loved every moment of university life, I still craved that thrill of bringing a script to life - luckily for me, the advent of decent home recording studios was born and I jumped at the chance to pursue this career path alongside my speech therapy!


I specialise in corporate voice-overs (matching to film/animation), adverts and my absolute love - audiobooks! I've just completed a 'gaming for voice-over' course so watch out gaming world!


Corporate clients include: HSBC, Royal Mail, Always, Deloitte Pixel, CHS Alliance, Britbev, Natura, PwC Global, KPMG and Savills and The Emirates Nursing and Midwifery Association


Adverts and infomercials include: Nivea, Biblica, CurrencyFair, Mann’s Spicy Thai Noodles, Mosso Towels and Rostamini Trading


Audiobooks include: No.1 bestseller 'Escape to Sunrise Cottage' by Zara Thorne, Love Uncovered by Laura Barnard, The Onyx Dragon by Marc Secchia, Charcoal by J.E.Rowney, Only Twelve Days by Eileen Thornton, The Secrets of Life by K.L.Humphreys, Strings, Encore and Finale (the Black Eagles trilogy) by Kat Green, Divorcees.Biz by Eileen Thornton, Gravity, Velocity and Infinity (the Gravity trilogy) by A.B. Bloom, The Girl at the Back by Kat Green, Shakespeare’s Stories (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet and Macbeth) adapted by Mint Reading Ltd, Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl, Adorable Fat Girl at Christmas, Adorable Fat Girl shares her Weight-loss Tips, Adorable Fat Girl on Safari, Cruise with an Adorable Fat Girl and Adorable Fat Girl takes up Yoga, all by Bernice Bloom, Finding Home by Lauren Westwood, Paris Travel Guide by Anthony Baron, Superstellar by Suz Korb, The Eradication of Vice 6 book series by Salome Verdant and Dangerous Knowledge by Alexa Monroe


** COMING SOON: The Scandals of Life by K.L.Humphreys **


E-Learning: 4x videos for a KS3 audience on ecosystems (clickview.co.uk)

                   Medical e-learning patient case study for Vielgesundheit.at


Games/Apps: The Devil's Stone (Miazma) by Private Moon Studios, Mjolnir (language app)

                       TrinityGPS.com (Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd)

                       VR experience for British Airways


IVR: Kramer


I'm a long-standing member of Equity, the trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners and am a committee member for the East of Scotland branch of Equity. 


When not in the booth, I work alongside my colleagues at Fitvoice - a community interest company that specialises in the prevention of voice disorders by remotely monitoring (via an app) occupational voice user's voices. If you are interested in what Fitvoice is all about please click on the Fitvoice link above.


And of course, when I'm not involved in all of the above then you'll see me out and about in Edinburgh walking my beautiful (but naughty) Pomsky pups, Oscar and Piper (Pipsqueak!) All together now - Ahhh!



(Photographs courtesy of the wonderfully talented Lisa R Toogood)





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